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FUNDACIÓ ESCOLES GARBÍ, by means of its two schools, one in Esplugues and the other one in Badalona, prepares tomorrow’s men and women to become proactive citizens. With our life motif “One Project two Schools”, our school population shares a common Educational Project adapted to the different characteristics of each school and their natural areas. Both follow the same methodology, based on the work of our founder and educator, Pere Verges.

In Escola Garbí Pere Verges Esplugues, more than 1000 students from 4 to 18 (accompanied by our 100 encouraging teachers), learn to think, feel, love and behave through a series of life lessons, experiences and values, that allow them to develop their own personality from the early stages to the end of their schooling. The school structure resembles an ideal city, where everybody has rights and duties to fulfill. Such an organization promotes and generates a platform for coexistence, whose basis is respect, freedom and responsibility.

Esplugues School, inaugurated in 1965, was built specifically for the educational goals of the Foundation Project, having the school dining room as the main place for all the social and cultural activities. In 2013, “the Cube” was added to the premises and was equipped with the latest technology and resources for the secondary school students.

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Rambla Catalunya, 17
08007 Barcelona

+34 93 302 15 27